May 25, 2022, 13:32

Simplified external evaluation procedure starts working in Ukraine, students from abroad and occupied territories can take test

Serhii Babak, Chair of Verkhovna Rada’s Education, Science, and Innovations Committee explained how this academic year will end and how the admission campaign will take place.

He made this statement at a briefing at Media Center Ukraine — Ukrinform.

“Since the first days of the war, it has been clear that the External Independent Evaluation, as prescribed by law, cannot take place. At the same time, we understand all the risks of canceling testing. Therefore, the procedure of simplified external evaluation is in effect today. Instead of several subjects that children had to take, they will take one multi-subject test. It will consist of several parts – the Ukrainian language, mathematics and the history of Ukraine. The first two were required. The latter is important in terms of statehood. There will be a lot of test options and one doesn’t have to take the test all at once, but during three sessions. Currently, 28 days are provided to pass this exam. If under some circumstances the graduate cannot take the test, they can register for any other day,” — he explained.

According to Serhii Babak, all children will receive certificates of complete secondary education: “All children are attached to their schools. If they have gone abroad and do not have the opportunity to join online training, they will still receive documents. It is necessary. Starting next year, the plan is to issue certificates via “Diia” application.”

Due to the war, the state has granted the local authorities the right to determine the length of the school year. Therefore, some educational institutions have already completed the educational process. Especially those located in the zone of active hostilities or under the occupation that have been destroyed or damaged.

“Of course, there is a problem of taking the external evaluation for such children. They definitely need to leave for Ukraine-controlled territory. Otherwise, we cannot authenticate the student. We are all counting on the rapid deoccupation of territories, so we are planning additional sessions of external evaluation for children,” — MP noted.

At the same time, the algorithms for taking external testing and the admission campaign for the children abroad have already been developed.

“The learning continuity issue is important for us. About 80% of school-age children continue their education online in schools that they previously attended in Ukraine. Some began going to schools in places of temporary residence. We asked our partners to create Ukrainian classes in their schools. Many countries went to the trouble of accommodating us. Our teachers, who teach children according to our program, work there.
These children will also have the opportunity to pass a multi-subject exam,” — Serhii Babak emphasized.

The MP said that the admission campaign will also be different. Obviously, there will be fewer applicants in the eastern part of the country. However, all documents for admission are submitted digitally. There is no need to hand in the original documents right away. This can be done when the security situation allows. The children from the occupied territories are already applying to the Ukrainian higher education institutions.

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