January 8, 2024, 13:25

Sharp temperature decline poses significant challenges for electricity generation – Oleksandr Kharchenko

In order to get through the cold weather without blackouts and shortages, it is important for citizens and businesses to use electricity sparingly.

Oleksandr Kharchenko, Director at the Energy Industry Research Center, made this statement during a briefing at Media Center Ukraine – Ukrinform.

“The drop in temperature, one hundred percent, really complicates the situation with power generation. In the morning consumption was less than usual. Our explanation for this is an air raid alert resulting in a large number of people staying at home, not starting work, partially not starting work at educational institutions, etc. That is, the consumption in the morning was lower than traditional. But it is very important that during such temperatures it remain at this level of slightly below normal. Otherwise, there will be a deficit that simply won’t be possible to cover,” the expert explained.

According to Oleksandr Kharchenko, for now the most relevant thing in the period of freezing weather sweeping over the country is the urge to save electricity.

“There are approximately 14 million private consumers connected to the power grid in the country. If each consumer reduces their consumption by one kilowatt, simply does not turn something on again, for example, a kettle, an iron, turns off the boiler, this will already lead to the results that the energy system now needs in order to get through these cold periods without any shutdown schedules, without any physical deficits. And this is really a very important aspect right now – it’s saving,” he emphasized.

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