February 13, 2024, 17:37

SES Introduces an online service enabling digitization in Fire and Technogenic Safety Auditing

The State Emergency Service of Ukraine (SES) has rolled out a new electronic service aimed at facilitating fire and technogenic safety management. This move comes in alignment with the law on business deregulation through civil liability insurance, empowering medium and low-risk business entities to independently initiate audits to ensure compliance with safety standards at their facilities.

Oleksandr Chekryhin, Director of the Emergency Prevention Department at SES, unveiled the initiative during a presentation at the Media Center Ukraine – Ukrinform. 

“For nearly a year, we’ve collaborated with industry partners to develop these registers, striving to streamline the process for businesses, organizations, and auditors,” he remarked.

Under the economic activity deregulation, medium and low-risk businesses gain a significant advantage in conducting scheduled inspections. Chekryhin noted, “Currently, we have around 200-205 thousand such entities. Each business typically owns one or two facilities, totaling approximately 320-330 thousand insurance objects eligible for audit. This means these facilities will be spared from scheduled SES inspections.”

Businesses holding third-party civil liability insurance policies are exempt from scheduled inspections for the duration of the policy’s validity. Entities with average risk levels face inspections for no more than six consecutive years, while those with low risk endure inspections for no more than ten consecutive years.

However, failing to provide SES with insurance information annually by October 15 results in inclusion in the inspection plan for affected businesses.

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