October 13, 2022, 12:00

Russians May Hurryingly Restore the Crimean Bridge Before the New Year in Case of Such a Willpower and Enough Resources — Volodymyr Kaskiv

Russians may restore the damaged part of the Crimean Bridge before the New Year if there is the country’s leadership willpower and enough resources. However, it is only possible to restore movement of passenger transport in the damaged part of the ferry within a short time.

Volodymyr Kaskiv, First Deputy Research Director of DerzhdorNDI State Enterprise, made this statement during the briefing in the Media Center Ukraine.

At the same time, it will take more time to completely restore the Crieman Bridge structures to enable launching the cargo transportation.

“There is a technical goal, and there is a political goal… In case of such a willpower, to demonstrate to the world that they will quickly restore everything, and, as a result, the structure will have a lower load capacity, and to launch passenger vehicles only. Another thing is to do it thoroughly, with structures that were before, which can also enable heavy vehicles to pass through. Then, it takes more time. If hurryingly and without detailed examinations in order to allow passenger traffic, they can manage to do that within three months, and restore it before the New Year. But if thoroughly and with an adequate approach, I believe that they will need more time,” Volodymyr Kaskiv presumed.

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