April 14, 2024, 19:28

russia’s invasion of Ukraine was a wake-up call for most European countries – Yordan Bozhilov

The start of russia’s invasion of Ukraine was a wake-up call for most European countries, because they realized that this is a war not only against Ukraine, that russia is actually trying to destroy the entire security architecture in Europe and endangering the world order that ensures global and European security.

Yordan Bozhilov, Founder and President of Sofia Security Forum, Deputy Minister of Defense of the Republic of Bulgaria (2022), made this statement at the Second Black Sea Security Conference.

“Europeans saw that russia is not only ready, but also willing to impose its interests by force. Recognizing that you have a belligerent neighbor, who is ready and who is coming to your borders, was an awakening for Europeans. That’s why we now see that the perception (of russia – Ed.) is changing. NATO is talking about increasing capabilities in the Eastern Flank, particularly in the countries like Bulgaria and Romania. We already have NATO forces on our soil, we are increasing our defense capabilities, etc. The EU is trying to reconsider its Eastern partnership and to add more security perspectives to this, but some other countries, like the U.S., are thinking about a comprehensive Black Sea strategy, which will include military, political, and economic aspects,” he emphasized.




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