February 17, 2023, 17:25

Russia makes it look the war for Crimean children to be liberation against the enemy state of Ukraine, to defend against with arms — Anastasiia Vorobiova

Since February 24, 2022, Crimean children have been actively involved in actions in support of the so-called ‘special military operation’, which is de facto Russia’s war against Ukraine. Anastasiia Vorobiova, the author of the analytical report ‘Crimean Scenario’: How the russian federation Destroys the Ukrainian Identity of Children in the Occupied Territories” and analyst at “Almenda Center for Civic Education” NGO, made this statement during a briefing at the Media Center Ukraine — Ukrinform. 

“Russia’s war against Ukraine is being presented to Crimean children under the guise of the war of liberation against the so-called ‘fascist state’ in such a context. And the perception of Ukraine as an ‘enemy state’ is being formed. So they should defend themselves with arms in their hands. A ‘special military operation’ is used as an additional militarization too. First of all, this is done through the glorification of participants in the war against Ukraine, through the “soldier letter writing’ campaigns, ‘lessons of courage,’ the opening of memorial plaques to the so-called ‘heroes of the special military operation’ and ‘heroes’ desks’ in schools. It’s an increase in the propaganda of service in the russian army. We should also mention the adding of weekly ‘important things to talk about’ classes, which aim at imposing the ‘correct’ ideology, teaching russian values, such as service in the russian army,” the analyst noted.

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