June 25, 2024, 12:35

Returning Crimea to Ukraine only possible through united and coordinated efforts by international partners – Latvian Ambassador

Latvia will focus its efforts on keeping Crimea on the world agenda. The Latvian government believes that the militarization of Crimea will have catastrophic consequences for all of humanity. Therefore, the efforts made today by the Expert Network of the Crimea Platform play a very important role. But the return of Crimea requires the civilized world to unite and coordinate its efforts.

Ilgvars Kļava, Ambassador of the Republic of Latvia, made this statement during the 3rd International Forum of the International Crimea Platform Expert Network.

“Only by united and coordinated efforts we will be able to restore Ukraine’s territorial integrity and bring justice to the victims and punish all the perpetrators. Last but not least, I want to assure you that Latvia will stand with Ukraine as long as it takes. We were among the first to sign bilateral security guarantees with Ukraine and the first ones to commit a specific percentage of our GDP to Ukraine’s defense needs annually in this document,” said Ilgvars Klyava.

The diplomat emphasized that the existence of the Crimea Platform is a real opportunity for the voice of Crimeans under occupation to be heard by the civil society and diplomats as well.


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