вистава «Imperium Delendum Est»
November 1, 2022, 13:22

“Response to the First Months of the War”: Lesya Ukrainka Lviv Academic Theater Held Performances of “Imperium Delendum Est” Play in French Theaters

Lesya Ukrainka Lviv Academic Theater has gone on a tour of French national theaters and held three performances of “Imperium Delendum Est” play. This play is the theater’s response to the first months of the war. Dmytro Zakhozhenko, Chief Director of Lesya Ukrainka Lviv Academic Theater, Director of “Imperium Delendum Est” play, told that during the briefing at Media Center Ukraine.

“This play is our, the theater’s, response to, perhaps, the initial shock of the first months of the full-scale invasion, when the theater did not know how to continue performances, how to further produce performances, what a theater is needed for at all. We just tried to get together and read poems, sing songs, tell our own stories and listen to other people’s stories. This affair was originally conceived as an offsite event, we did not plan to play it in the theater on the big stage. We were going to play it in shelters,” Dmytro Zakhozhenko explained.

Generally, the play was performed in French theaters in Lyon, Saint-Étienne, and Valence. According to participants, some viewers were taken aback and even grateful for being told about the events in Ukraine. In addition, the organizers plan to hold the performance in other European cities and in the United States.Please view the details of the play here.

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