May 23, 2024, 14:20

Rehabilitation of the military: how to improve the system and what immediate measures to implement

Throughout 2023–2024, the analytical publication examined numerous rehabilitation centers, including public, private, and volunteer-run facilities. Based on the results of such an inspection, a number of recommendations were developed to improve the military rehabilitation system in Ukraine.

This topic was discussed during a round table at Media Center Ukraine – Ukrinform.

Valeriia Pavlenko, journalist at, author of multiple comprehensive series publications relating to the advancements and obstacles the military faces during rehabilitation, focused on individual steps that should be taken to improve the rehabilitation of the military personnel.

In particular, she pointed out the importance of creating rehabilitation departments in civic institutions and creating a network of partner centers in various communities.In particular, it is crucial for rehabilitation centers, recovery centers, volunteer projects offering various services such as social integration, and those providing employment opportunities to military personnel to be well-known and integrated into a unified network.

She also pointed out the importance of expanding funding. According to her, directors, owners of various rehabilitation centers and departments should pay attention to this in order to make their spaces more accessible and comfortable.

In addition, she highlighted several key issues, including the approval of a standardized rehabilitation algorithm, the training of rehabilitation specialists in higher education institutions, the psychological education of military personnel and their families, and the integration of military personnel into society.

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