Oleksandr Khorunzhyy, Press Officer of the State Emergency Service, Media Center Ukraine –  Ukrinform.
April 18, 2023, 15:19

More than 1500 households and over 9 thousand hectares of agricultural land minorly flooded in several regions of Ukrainian – Oleksandr Khorunzhyy

More than 500 rescuers and 230 units of special equipment, including watercraft and swamp buggies, are involved in the flood relief efforts.

Oleksandr Khorunzhyy, Press Officer of the State Emergency Service, made this statement during a briefing at the Media Center Ukraine –  Ukrinform.

He noted that currently the rate of water level rise in the rivers in the north of the country tends to reduce. 

“More than 1500 households are underflooded. Most of them are in Chernihiv, Kirovohrad, Dnipro, Kyiv, and Cherkasy Oblasts, and also some in Poltava Oblast. And 330 houses are minorly flooded in Dnipropetrovsk, Kirovohrad, Cherkasy, Chernihiv, and Poltava regions,” said Oleksandr Khorunzhyy.

He emphasized that “more than 9,000 hectares of agricultural land have been flooded in Dnipropetrovsk, Volyn, Rivne, Cherkasy, and Poltava Oblasts. Thirty settlements’ transportation networks have been disrupted. These are 29 settlements in Chernihiv Oblast and one in Kyiv Oblast. But all the appropriate facilities have been created, detours and access to these settlements have been set up.”

According to the press officer, each region has held an emergency response Commission on Technogenic and Ecological Safety and Emergencies, and a list of forces and means has been determined, including the State Emergency Service and utility services, to be involved in possible complications of the situation as well as joint effort elimination of the flood consequences.

“In Chernihiv and Cherkasy Oblasts, three more ‘Bohun’ swamp buggies have been deployed to assist in the aftermath of the spring floods. In total, 11 swamp buggies are and will be involved, with 16 additional boats. Mobile ground control stations have been placed. We are also deploying four aid stations directly in the flooded areas for residents’ convenience, two of each stationed in Chernihiv and Cherkasy Oblasts,” he added.

Mr. Khorunzhyy noted that since the beginning of the work, about 1,800 people had been transported across the water obstacles, 22 people had been evacuated, including three children, and about 270 kg of food had been delivered to the areas facing the most challenging situation.

“I would like to report that the situation is fully under control. There is no reason to panic. We are constantly receiving information updates from the Hydrometeorological Center. We are constantly monitoring the situation and, if necessary, assisting the population,” he summarized.

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