Фото Медіацентр Україна – Одеса: Влад Сорд “Змій”, командир спецвзводу “Сенека”; Олексій “Еванс”, інструктор з аеророзвідки, штабіст “Thunderbirds”
July 26, 2023, 14:09

Reconnaissance of the 93rd Brigade created a unique electronic reconnaissance complex for 700-800 thousand hryvnias

It can conduct reconnaissance at the front 40 kilometers inside and wide and decode intercepted digital signals in half an hour. Vlad Sord “Serpent”, commander of the Seneca special platoon, and Oleksiy ”Evans”, aerial reconnaissance instructor and staff officer of the Thunderbirds, told this at a briefing at the Media Center Ukraine – Odesa.

According to Oleksiy “Evans”, first of all, the scouts wanted to replace people where technology can work to save the lives of Ukrainian soldiers. 

Vlad “Serpent” Sord noted that no electronic intelligence units had been created at the battalion level before. However, one of the soldiers who came with Roman Ratushnyi, in whose honor the unit was named, said that his father was a radio amateur, and he could help, the military added.  

“Two weeks later, when the equipment appeared, we were able to intercept the enemy’s conversations via analog communication systems over a huge section of the frontline. We knew when the shelling would take place and who the self-propelled artillery systems would target. We also began to know where they were and hit them – we hit ammunition depots, command centres, and observation posts. A lot of enemies were killed, a lot of lives of our soldiers were saved,” – Vlad Sord explained.

According to Sord, the complex was later scaled up to the brigade level and improved.

“In Donbas, we were listening to the entire sector from Soledar to Klishchiyivka. We were able to intercept a digitally encrypted signal. Initially, decryption took 2 weeks, now it takes half an hour. Later, we created a unified system that allows us not only to track the signal, but also to transfer it online to a special map where we track the enemy. We can see where the enemy’s subversive reconnaissance groups are moving, where the Eagles are flying. Thanks to this system, we can now know the enemy’s intentions,” – Sord said.

According to Evans, the core of the system is made up of drones – from cheap commercial Mavic to military Scythians, Valkyries, Furies, Storks, etc.

“This complex can cost, conditionally, 700-800 thousand hryvnias (approx 20 thousand euros), but it allows us to conduct reconnaissance at the front 40 kilometers deep and wide. No special knowledge is required to operate it. You just need to have a knack for learning and a desire to kill enemies,” – Evans added.

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