September 16, 2023, 13:13

Re-registration and reorganization: Hanna Maliar comments on the ArmyInform news agency shutting down 

The ArmyInform news agency closure is part of the new media law. However, an online media outlet start considered as the best solution found to this issue. 

Hanna Maliar, Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine made this report during the “Redkolegia. Summit” event organized by Media Center Ukraine and UNIT. City.

“There is a new law on media already in force, which no longer provides for the news agencies operation. We have no chance, if we are moving in line with the law, as a state institution, we are obliged to close it down, according to the law, which is what we are doing. But taking into account people’s efforts, we found a legal formula so as not to cancel out the work that was done. This way it will be an online source for news coverage. We have to go through re-registration and reorganization now, these processes are underway,” explained the Deputy Minister of Defense.

At the same time, Hanna Maliar noted that 144 employers ensured the news agency’s operation, however, it could,d be done at a much lower cost. 

“The salaries came from budgetary funds, and the workers are mostly people holding high military ranks, wasting their recourse during the period of shortage of people at the front,” she added.

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