March 27, 2024, 17:26

Promoting integrity: programs for schoolchildren and youth implemented today

The Integrity Office of the National Agency on Corruption Prevention is implementing a number of projects aimed at spreading the idea of integrity among schoolchildren and young people. In particular, these are the Transparent School and Transparent Universities projects.

Alona Khylko, Project Manager at the Integrity Office of the National Agency on Corruption Prevention, made this statement during a discussion at Media Center Ukraine – Ukrinform.

“We work with students from the first to the eleventh grade. A colleague of mine is also involved with the Transparent Universities project, which targets both students and instructors, and even with the rectors of these universities,” she said.

Alona Khylko emphasized the importance of working with all the participants in the educational process, because the children and young people, who are shaping their lives and gaining certain experiences, must be exposed to as many virtuous practices and behaviors as possible.

The Transparent School project implements integrity practices through formal and informal training sessions for teachers and students in schools across Ukraine. The project targets students, teachers, and school principals, offering tailored educational content for each segment of the audience.

“We had a pilot project called Educational Navigator, which served as an advisor and a guide for school principals on how to develop and transform an educational institution with transparency, integrity and openness in mind. Now we are holding training sessions in various regions of Ukraine based on this manual, based on these recommendations,” she said.

Alona Khylko noted that 15 integrity hubs – integrity islands – have already been opened in Ukraine’s regions. These hubs help to promote educational content and work with schools.

The program contains a lot of teaching and methodical materials for students, including interactive games, videos, and various applications.

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