September 14, 2023, 16:09

Professional development, new experience, and training – Ukrainian doctors take part in international medical missions

As part of the Co-Pilot program, which brings missions of the best American and Canadian doctors to Ukraine, the professional doctors of the highest level in Ukraine have the opportunity to learn new programs and adopt the experience of their colleagues in various fields of medicine, improve their skills and acquire new practical experience without traveling abroad. This experience is essential in the context of the unique medical challenges that Ukrainian doctors faced during the war.

As part of the missions, operations, workshops, and training are conducted jointly with foreign doctors and online broadcasts are delivered, attracting more and more specialists across Ukraine. This creates, among other things, a training resource that can be used by doctors in the future.

It was discussed at the Media Center Ukraine – Ukrinform during a “The role of foreign medical, educational missions in Ukraine’s health care system during wartime” discussion. 

“Ten hospitals in Ukraine have already been involved in this program. We also handed over certain equipment, materials that were necessary, and supplies to work with patients. And, what is crucial is online broadcasts delivered for more than two thousand doctors across Ukraine were able to see and will be able to see in the recording how to do it. This is a resource that we have created for a long time,” explained Evelina Kurilets, Director at Razom for Ukraine Charitable Foundation. At the same time, Iurii Kuchyn, Rector at National Bogomolets Medical University, emphasized that such missions are essential, especially in the context of today’s challenges, when the war has changed the structure of morbidity, mortality, and the structure of medical injuries in the medical system. He is convinced it is important to learn, first of all, the best international clinical practices and to learn from this current experience under the circumstances.

“Therefore, all of this requires training, and a university that provides its standard programs and its standard courses certainly cannot cover all of these issues. But at the same time, a university is an educational environment, and a university forms a platform where you can teach and teach better. And the involvement of foreign specialists in such educational missions allows for a more efficient process,” he said and emphasized the importance of combining the educational efforts of all providers.

Thus, within the framework of the current medical mission, a workshop was held for neurologists, neurosurgeons, anesthesiologists, and ultrasound specialists, where they were taught the specifics of using the transcranial Doppler ultrasound method of examining cerebral vessels in wartime and as part of neurocritical care.

In particular, the training was conducted by experts from the United States, Alex Razumovsky, MD, a neurophysiologist, and Ken Green, a former US Navy commander.

As part of the event, more than 70 participants from six regions of Ukraine mastered practical skills, tested their abilities, and had their competence confirmed for three days.

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