March 27, 2024, 16:32

Pressure and restrictions: russia’s tactics of coercive passportization in occupied Ukrainian territories

Various methods are employed by russia to enforce issuing passports in the regions of Ukraine under its occupation, all characterized by pressure and restrictions imposed on citizens.

This was underscored by Oleh Kolesnichenko, a documentarian affiliated with the Ukraine 5 AM Coalition, during the unveiling of an analytical report titled “Imposition of russian Citizenship on Ukrainians in Occupied Ukrainian Territories and russia” at the Media Center Ukraine – Ukrinform.

“Our report sheds light on the situation in the occupied areas of Zaporizhia region, revealing that occupation administrations and their collaborators were granted expanded powers. The central russian authorities did not directly dictate actions but instead mandated that 80% of passports issued in these occupied territories be reported. Consequently, methods vary from one region to another, but they share common traits of pressure and restrictions on fundamental benefits, needs, and rights, such as freedom of movement, access to emergency medical services, and education for children. Moreover, there exists a pervasive atmosphere of terror, occasionally fueled by media,” Kolesnichenko remarked.

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