July 8, 2024, 14:37

“People of Steel”: Documentary on Mariupol defenders to be presented internationally to influence release of Ukrainian POWs

Ukraine has unveiled a documentary titled “People of Steel,” highlighting the defenders of Mariupol. Directed and produced by musician Serhii Fomenko, the film aims to draw international attention to the war in Ukraine and the urgent need for the release of Ukrainian prisoners of war.

This initiative was discussed during a briefing at the Media Center Ukraine.

“The main goal of the film is to ensure that those in captivity are eventually released and do not remain without media coverage,” emphasized Serhii Fomenko.

The documentary was recently previewed at the Council of Europe in Strasbourg, with representatives from about 46 countries attending. Meetings were held with the President of the PACE and the Minister of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Council of Europe to address the plight of prisoners of war. Former Azov captives shared harrowing details of their detention, torture, and experiences in russian prisons.

Andrii Rizol, head of the association “Watch Ukrainian!”, highlighted the power of documentaries in building loyalty, spreading truth, and engaging those who can influence support for Ukraine. He stressed that such films are vital tools for raising awareness about Ukrainian prisoners, fostering dialogues, and creating impact on key international platforms.

Petro Yatsenko, representing the Coordination Headquarters for the Treatment of Prisoners of War, noted that efforts like this documentary exert pressure on the aggressor country.

“This film is a high-quality production that accurately depicts the historic defense of Mariupol. It showcases the heroic efforts and individual bravery of the city’s defenders, who allowed Ukraine to regroup and organize its defense. This was a tremendous feat. Such portrayals have a significant impact on Europeans, prompting us to urge Europe to intensify both diplomatic and economic pressure on the aggressor state. Our crucial message, which we share on every platform, is that russia must cease torturing and violating the dignity of our people in captivity,” he added.

Pre-premiere screenings of “People of Steel” are planned in the EU, UK, and US, with showings tentatively set for the European Parliament, the Bundestag, the International Court of Justice in The Hague, and the US Congress.

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