December 21, 2023, 18:42

Payment of taxes by fuel market participants: due to possible abuses, budget might have failed to receive UAH 9 billion

Assessment of fuel market participants’ tax payments reveals that there are reasons to speak of serious abuses.

This, in particular, was reported by Serhii Kuiun, fuel market expert, during the presentation entitled “2023 oil products market outlook” at Media Center Ukraine – Ukrinform.

“Based on the tax office data, we calculated the tax burden per liter, these are operating taxes, which are paid precisely from the margin, from what companies earn on the domestic market. There are no import taxes here, i.e. excise duty, VAT were paid at the border. It is necessary to understand that everyone buys at the same prices. Yes, there is a range, but if we remove discounts, loyalty programs, then we will see that there is actually little difference in the final sales prices. But the results are completely different, and if you take the leader and the ‘anti-leader,’ the difference is 15-fold. How can the margin differ by 15 times in the same business? This isn’t possible.

Therefore, there is absolutely every reason to say that there are very serious abuses. We calculated – if we take a minimum of UAH 2 per liter as an indicator from a liter – the budget would have received additional UAH 9 billion or so in 2023. And only the largest networks are listed here (in the study – Ed.),” Serhii Kuiun explained.

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