November 24, 2023, 17:42

Over 10,000 women and girls turn to SafeWomanHUB specialists for psychological and socio-legal help

Among the women and girls who sought help, 718 were victims of gender-based violence, 96 were victims of war-related violence.

Halyna Skipalska, Executive Director of the ICF Ukrainian Foundation for Public Health, Country Director at HealthRight International Ukraine, made this statement during the discussion at BrainHub, the country’s main discussion platform, at Media Center Ukraine – Ukrinform.

“From April 2022 to today, over 10,100 women and girls from the territory of Ukraine, from the temporarily occupied territories, applied for help. Those seeking help include women who traveled to Europe and are returning from Europe. These are 718 clients who suffered from gender-based violence and 96 women and girls who suffered from war-related violence. The cases with these 96 women and girls are extremely difficult. This is the number of women who are not included in the statistics of the prosecutor’s office, because the work of psychologists to help them process their trauma is not done yet,” said Halyna Skipalska.

SafeWomanHUB is an online platform that provides urgent psychological and socio-legal assistance. It is one of the initiatives launched by the ICF Ukrainian Foundation for Public Health, with the help of the UN Women and Women’s Peace and Humanitarian Fund in April 2022.

Today, 8 psychologists, 3 social workers, and a lawyer work at the online platform. There is a team of up to 30 volunteers, qualified psychologists who volunteered to provide their services.

BrainHub is the country’s main discussion platform created by Media Center Ukraine – Ukrinform. It brings together experts from the state and civil society sectors. BrainHub hosts intellectual discussions around the issues of the post-war reconstruction of Ukraine. It’s the birthplace of the best ideas that will become the foundation for the road map of Ukraine’s reconstruction in all sectors: economy, infrastructure, education, agriculture, security, digital, etc. 

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