February 9, 2023, 15:01

Orthodox Church of Ukraine will consider the official switch to the new calendar using, beginning the last year, the process is scheduled for May – Priest of the OCU

Recently, the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church announced its switch to using a new church calendar. Heorhii Kovalenko, Priest of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine, Rector at the Open Orthodox University of Saint Sophia the Wisdom spoke about if the OCU plans a switch of that kind during a briefing at the Media Center Ukraine — Ukrinform.

“The Orthodox Church of Ukraine began this process last year. Those parishes willing to celebrate the Christmas Day service on December 25, according to the new style, had such a blessing. For example, the Saint-Sophia Cathedral and the church of Yaroslav the Wise at the National Sanctuary “Sophia of Kyiv” held Christmas Day services both on December 25 and January 7, celebrating Christmastime within these dates. Then, the Holy Synod of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine held its session on February 2. It has enabled those parishes wishing to switch to the new style to submit a request to the Holy Synod so that these issues will be resolved. It was also announced the next Bishops’ Council would be held in May to consider the issue of the calendar. That is, whether the entire church will officially switch to the New Julian calendar, or those parishes wishing to do so will have this opportunity,” said the priest.

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