June 16, 2022, 14:23

Odessa film festival is looking for platform to help national cinema

Anna Machukh, Executive director of Ukrainian Film Academy and the director general of Odessa international film festival, appealed to the media during briefing at Media Center Ukraine – Ukrinform.

“First of all we want the audience to see quality Ukrainian cinema. On July 5 unfinished Ukrainian projects will be shown in Karlovy Vary. Also presentations of this type will take place in Warsaw and Kosovo”, – said Anna Machukh. 

She noted that despite the war Ukrainian artists have to continue working, otherwise national cinema will stagnate. New films are a chance to reveal the truth about Ukraine to the world. 

Also, the director general of Odessa international film festival spoke about unpleasant incidents during film festival in Cannes. 

“Unfortunately, russia wasn’t boycotted at a famous film festival in Cannes. Yes, organizers banned russian media from entering, anyway one of the films of Kirill Serebriannikov was shown at the festival. His appeal to help families of russian soldiers who die in Ukraine, raised a storm of negative emotions”, – told Anna Machukh.

The director told that a day before the start of the festival in Cannes, Ukrainian film academy supported exemption of Sergey Loznitsa: “His participation in the festival, as well as his position regarding the war in Ukraine, didn’t stop the organizers of the festival, and he presented his work. During briefing he stated that there were nazi in Ukraine”. 

Anyway, despite all those unpleasant incidents, Ukrainian films looking for partners, had been presented and got a certain support.   

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