December 14, 2023, 16:40

Odesa Young Spectator Theater invites children to the premiere of a play about ragdoll

The Odesa Young Spectator Theater has prepared an extensive program for children and adults for the Christmas holidays, and has also opened an exhibition of children’s drawings called “Christmas Miracle,” which will run for two winter months.

This was stated by Anna Korol, chief administrator of the Odesa Yuriy Olesha Young Spectator Theater, at a briefing at the Ukraine-Odesa Media Center.

“Our New Year’s campaign started on December 5. We invited more than 100 families with disabilities to the theater and showed our performance “Cat-Murkit and Sonko-Drimko” – a musical extravaganza with Ukrainian lullabies, which is very popular with children. It was a completely charitable event, everyone was happy. And then, on St. Nicholas Day, we opened the Christmas Miracle exhibition and also invited children and made gifts for them. The exhibition is still open during all the holidays in December and January,” said the chief administrator.

The theater has long been working closely with IDPs, children with disabilities, hosts large families, and is open to cooperation with various NGOs and foundations.

“For children, we premiered Raggedy Ann. Rag Doll” about a girl Marcella and her rag doll. This is a performance for children and adults. I would like to remind you that we are a family theater, we have more than 40 performances in our repertoire, and all of them are family-friendly. Everyone loves our plays Jalapita and Polianna about girls. In December, we premiered Winter’s Tale, and we invite you to come. On all holidays, we welcome children who have survived the occupation, whose parents are at the front, who have become internally displaced. Since 2014, we have been cooperating with many public organizations and foundations: it is important that children affected by the war are able to see art. I would like to remind you that during air raids we go down to the shelters and paint with the children,” summarized Anna Korol.

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