Photo by Media Center Ukraine – Odesa: Serhiy Bas, dental care volunteer, founder of Zubayster mobile dentistry
September 20, 2023, 13:54

Odesa’s volunteer dentists have helped more than 1500 Ukrainian defenders at the frontline thanks to mobile offices

They have been working on the front line since October 2022 and are also helping civilians in the southern combat zone. Serhiy Bas, dental care volunteer, founder of Zubayster mobile dentistry, told this at a briefing at the Media Center Ukraine – Odesa.

He said that the idea to set up a mobile dental office came to him and his associates in the summer of 2022. According to the doctor, this is due to the weather conditions at the front in the fall and winter. And what has not been treated for years can cause an exacerbation in a very short time, which can even threaten the lives of Ukrainian soldiers.

“That’s why we asked people to help us raise funds, and invested ourselves. The military helped us with the vehicle. This mobile modern dental office cost about 15-20 thousand dollars. And so, since October last year, our first version of the Zubayster has been in operation. Since then, we have helped more than 1500 soldiers, and we also treat residents of the frontline zone,” – the specialist said.

According to Serhiy Bas, the mobile team consists of two doctors, a surgeon and a therapist, one assistant and a driver.

“We work efficiently but very quickly. We leave at night to start working at 8 am. We see 25–30 fighters a day. You can ask dentists how hard it is. Thanks to high-quality equipment, we can do almost everything – restoration and orthopedics. The main thing is that the fighters have time, because sometimes there are situations when everything cannot be done in a day,” –  the specialist said.

Since August, the volunteers have had a second mobile dental office, so they are calling on specialists to join the team.

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