October 19, 2023, 16:13

Odesa psychiatrists also rehabilitate those returning from the war and go to the military

During the year and a half of full-scale war in Odesa, more than 1,000 servicemen were treated and rehabilitated in psychoneurological hospitals. In addition, doctors regularly visit military units to work with those in need of psychological and psychiatric support.

Hanna Velichko, head of the mental health center and head of the psychosocial support department, told this during a briefing at the Media Center Ukraine.

In Odesa, these are hospitals at 27 Kanatna Street, 9 Vorobieva Street, and in the village of Oleksandrivka near the city.

“Our institutions have the advantage of having not only psychiatrists, but also various specialists, such as therapists, cardiologists, neurologists, etc. That is why we provide comprehensive treatment to people who come to us on the basis of a family doctor’s referral,” said the head of the mental health center.

Hanna Velychko said that during the large-scale war, their centers are actively engaged in rehabilitation and treatment of those who have returned from the front.

“Before, we did not know how to work with those who had suffered such severe injuries, loss of limbs and contusions. A month after February 24, we realized this and began to actively receive the wounded. Now we have completely rebuilt ourselves. During the entire period of the full-scale invasion, we have treated more than a thousand such patients injured during the fighting,” said Hanna Velichko.

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