October 25, 2023, 17:44

Odesa engineer makes devices that destroy enemy drones

Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, Ukrainian engineers have been actively developing anti-drone weapons for the needs of the Ukrainian Defense Forces to help Ukrainian defenders.

This was stated by design engineer Albert Virnin during a briefing at the Ukraine-Odesa Media Center.

“All drones are now divided into two types. First, there guided drones. These are combat fpv drones and reconnaissance drones. Others are uncontrolled drones: they are   given a target in advance and they fly to it. Guided drones can be called “smart”: you can say that they are a small computer that is about to drop a grenade or other explosive on your head. They are sneaky, you can only notice them when they are close – 250-300 meters away, so they are very dangerous. That is why the task of modern anti-drone technologies is to stop and destroy just such guided UAVs,” the engineer said.

To ensure that Ukrainian defenders have something to fight enemy drones with, Albert Virnin has designed and is manufacturing anti-drone guns and dome-type devices, which create a dome around them that stops the enemy drone from operating.

The Ukrainian army is now using so-called anti-dron teams: one soldier analyzes the information and calculates the enemy UAV, and the other then shoots down the enemy drone. The engineer believes that it is better when there is a third soldier with another anti-drone gun, and the results are much better.

Albert Virnin has already made several anti-drone weapons and dome-type devices. He does all this in Odesa with his family, when Ukrainian defenders “order” such devices with the help of volunteers. The production cost of one portable anti-drone gun is about 2 thousand dollars.

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