September 15, 2023, 14:00

Occupiers drop aerial bomb on Nova Kakhovka, there are victims among local population – Natalia Humeniuk

On the morning of September 15, the occupiers, trying to deliver another blow to Beryslav district with guided aerial bombs, dropped a KAB bomb on Nova Kakhovka. Several apartment buildings were damaged in the residential area, and according to preliminary information, there are victims among the local population.

Natalia Humeniuk, Head of the United Coordinating Press Center of Security and Defense Forces of the South of Ukraine, made this statement during a briefing at Media Center Ukraine – Ukrinform.

“In their turn, the occupiers are trying to spread the narrative that this was done by the Defense Forces of Ukraine. But in fact, everything is recorded, all the facts are known. And we remember that it is not the first time that the occupiers have dropped their bombs like this, even on their own territory – we remember Belgorod, where a similar fighter plane simply “unloaded” in the middle of the city,” she emphasized.

At the same time, Natalia Humeniuk pointed out that the situation in the South of Ukraine remains quite intense.

“Despite the fact that the enemy did not launch powerful attacks directly on the southern regions today, they were still involved in intense fighting against attack drones overnight. Seven (UAVs – Ed.) over Mykolaiv region and one over Vinnytsia were shot down precisely by the Air Defense Forces of the Defense Forces of the South of Ukraine. The fact that the enemy is trying to shell the right-bank of Kherson region continuing to terrorize the civilian population is also reflected in the daily reports, where we record attacks on residential buildings and social infrastructure,” Natalia Humeniuk said.

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