January 23, 2023, 15:00

Number of NMST Passing Points Abroad Will Be Expanded So That Ukrainians Can Get to Them Without Logistics Problems — Ministry of Education and Science

The Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, in cooperation with colleagues in the EU and other countries, works upon the increase in the number of points for passing the national multi-subject test abroad. Andrii Vitrenko, First Deputy Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine, made this statement during the briefing in Media Center Ukraine — Ukrinform.

“We analyzed the last-year’s experience and the main problem for many Ukrainians was logistics: getting to the NMST passing centers on time. We hope that the network will be further expanded so that our Ukrainians, who are temporarily out of Ukraine now, can get to a NMST passing point without complex logistics problems. And in the future, submit their documents to the desired establishments of higher education — namely, the Ukrainian national higher education. Increase in the number of points abroad where the NMST can be passed is an absolutely clear plan. We are in constant contact with our colleagues from the education ministries of the European community and other countries, and we are convinced that this will help expand this network,” Andrii Vitrenko said.

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