March 27, 2022, 14:34

Music is a great weapon – frontman of Lviv rock band «Beton»

Andrii Zholob, the frontman of Lviv rock band «Beton», said during a briefing at Ukraine Media Center that punk rock was music that disagreed with injustice and music of resistance. Resistance has become Ukraine’s main position with respect to the war.

«Music is a great weapon. Music is an incredible weapon. Music is a weapon that does not strike with a pinpoint accuracy like various tactical missiles. Music has the ability to strike all over the planet,» Zholob explained.

Lviv rock band «Beton» became famous around the world thanks to the «London Calling» cover by the legendary The Clash. This cover with the modified lyrics is called Kyiv Calling. It has already become viral in social media and featured in the stories of the global media. According to Andrii Zholob, the frontman of Ukrainian rock band «Beton», the modified song is an appeal of fathers to the world, whose families are behind their backs during the war.

«Fathers…adults, adult men with beards appeal to the world. We realize that we stand by ourselves, but we need your support. We need all your possible technical means to defeat the enemy,» Zholob summarized.

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