August 7, 2023, 12:00

Multidisciplinary rehabilitation for the wounded military: presentation of the “Lots of Care” project

Date: 8.08
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Olga Kharlan, Ukrainian fencer, Olympic champion
Serhii Kryzhanovskyi, Chief Doctor at a rehabilitation center
Oleksandr Hudimov, Serviceman in the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Why this is interesting:
Rehabilitation is an important component in recovery of wounded servicemen and women. The idea of multidisciplinary rehabilitation involves various specialists, such as neurologists, traumatologists, physiotherapists, rehabilitators, psychologists and many others, coming together. At the same time, the “Lots of Care” project is a step towards providing high-quality rehabilitation for the wounded military. The project aims to raise funds for the high-quality rehabilitation of injured soldiers by selling lots at auctions.

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