June 13, 2024, 14:57

MOAS unveils Ukrainian-language book showcasing heroic doctors saving Ukrainian soldiers’ lives

The Migrant Offshore Aid Station (MOAS), an organization dedicated to the emergency evacuation of Ukrainian soldiers, has released a new book titled “Sirens of Hope: The MOAS Mission to Save Lives in Ukraine”. This Ukrainian-language book features black-and-white portraits and personal stories of doctors striving to rescue Ukrainian defenders. 

The release was announced at the Media Center Ukraine – Ukrinform.

“This is all about the medics; there are the words of the medics; these are their stories, and they are very remarkable stories—each one is very different, but they united in the desire to do great work in Ukraine and do the most important thing of all in any war, which is to save lives. So I think it’s a very humbling project to do. I said that, on one level, it was the easiest book I’ve ever had to write because these are other people’s words, but on a different level, it was a very difficult project, not least because of the very heartbreaking personal stories that the medic has understandably, the suffering they witness every day and the terrible injuries in their ambulances, their knowledge, and the fact that they are seeing things that most of us in life do not have to see and nor should they. But they had to because they are fighting this war on the medical frontline,” said Justin Marozzi, a British writer and co-editor of the MOAS book, during the presentation.

The English version of the book has already been introduced in London and New York. 

According to co-author Justin Marozzi, the book will not be sold but given as a gift to donors across the Atlantic. Efforts will be made to print as many copies as possible.

For context, MOAS is an international humanitarian organization that has been operating in Ukraine since the onset of the major conflict, having saved over 45,000 lives. The organization employs 150 teams of Ukrainian medics, equipped with 50 modern ambulances.

Read more: https://mediacenter.org.ua/news