August 8, 2023, 12:15

Master class by Ukrainian fencer Olga Kharlan: “Lots of Care” project presents first charity lot

The project aims to raise funds for a state-of-the-art rehabilitation care for the wounded soldiers by selling lots at an auction. The rehabilitation center managed to rehabilitate 65 servicemen on their own, but the funds ran out. That’s why the doctors decided to organize a charity project, with which they hope to raise money for further rehabilitation. Serhii Kryzhanovskyi, Chief Doctor at a rehabilitation center, made this statement during a briefing at Media Center Ukraine – Ukrinform.

“We plan to provide rehabilitation to two servicemen with the funds that we will raise from one charity lot. The cost of the two-week process for one fighter is UAH 26,000. The total number of military personnel whom we hope to support with this project is 100 people”, emphasized the Chief Doctor of the rehabilitation center.

The first charity lot is a master class by Olga Kharlan or a day of training with the Ukrainian national team. People can take part in the auction via the Ukrainian fencer’s social networks and on the Bodro clinic website. To do this, one needs to donate UAH 100 or more and wait two weeks till the auction is over, the winner will be chosen randomly. The project organizers hope to collect UAH 50,000 from the first lot.

“As an athlete, I can say that rehabilitation is very important. During my career, I faced various injuries and I understand that the Ukrainian military need rehabilitation many times over. I was in the center; I saw doctors ready for work and motivated soldiers working on themselves. Our defenders have already done a lot for us, we have to do more for them,” said Ukrainian fencer Olga Kharlan.

There will be some fifty charity lots in total. All will relate to famous Ukrainian public figures, singers or athletes. The rehabilitation center already has a list of servicemen in need of multidisciplinary rehabilitation. As of the end of the month, about 60 soldiers are ready to receive rehabilitation care in order to return to the defense of the Motherland in the future, Serhii Kryzhanovskyi, Chief Doctor at a rehabilitation center, said during a briefing at Media Center Ukraine – Ukrinform.

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