September 21, 2023, 10:47

Lviv Sculpture Week has officially started in Lviv

More than 300 sculptural objects by Ukrainian artists will be exhibited. These are not only art centres but also parks, shopping centres and city streets. The central theme is Old and New/New and Old. According to the organisers, the sculptures combine periods, modern and ancient forms and symbols.

“This event is to introduce the artist’s works to the general public and expand the scope of the concept of sculpture. We put a particular emphasis on art in the public space. It is especially significant in times of war to show that we have not only survived but also continue to live, develop, create and, despite everything, dream about our future”, said Pavlo Hudimov, curator of the Lviv Sculpture Week, at the briefing.

“The new generations will face an extremely significant challenge. When the war is over, they will have to perpetuate the memory of our defenders. And I would not want their memory to be preserved by post-Soviet monuments. The trace of that legacy is still visible today. That’s why we have a big goal – to change many concepts about the art of sculpture”, said Orest Holubets, professor of the Lviv National Academy of Arts and art critic.

Watch the full video on the YouTube channel(in Ukrainian).

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