June 1, 2023, 16:30

Lviv residents and visitors can feel like retro tram drivers

On Sunday, 4 June, Lviv residents will be able to visit an exhibition dedicated to the 129th anniversary of the first electric tram route in Lviv. The event will take place at the tram depot (185 Horodotska St.). There will be a presentation of trams that once ran through the Lviv streets. Lvivelectrotrans municipal enterprise will also launch a sightseeing shuttle tram for the day. It was symbolically assigned the number 129, said Olha Bachynska, spokesperson for Lvivelectrotrans, at a briefing at the Media Center Ukraine-Lviv.

“We will be waiting for you on Sunday at 11.30 am near the Neptune figure on Rynok Square. From here, we will transport people to our event, where the exhibition will be held. And along the way, we will tell the story of our tram: how it developed, the significant events in its existence and the lives of Lviv residents. Especially active listeners will receive gifts and awards,” said Oleksandr Aristakhov from the Lviv Historical Museum.

The first Lviv electric tram started running on 31 May 1894. Lviv became the fourth city in Austria-Hungary and the second (after Kyiv) on the territory of present-day Ukraine to launch electric trams. Today, there are eight tram routes in Lviv. The longest of these, No. 4, stretches for 18 km and connects the Railway Station and Sykhiv (the largest residential area in Lviv).

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