Радниця начальника Львівської ОВА, голова робочої групи Медико-психосоціальної підтримки Галина Бордун у Медіацентрі Україна, 19 липня
July 19, 2022, 13:23

Legal and psychological aid to be provided at newly created consultation and coordination centers for displaced persons in Lviv region — Advisor to Head of Lviv Oblast Military Administration

Consultation and coordination centers for displaced persons will be created in all district administrations of Lviv region. Among other things, the centers will provide necessary legal and psychological assistance, Galyna Bordun, Advisor to the Head of Lviv Oblast Military Administration, Head of Medical and Psychosocial Support Working Group said during a briefing at Media Center Ukraine.

“What kind of consultation and coordination centers are these? Firstly, this is legal support. Enough partners are currently ready to provide legal aid for people without documents. The documents that are already issued today in administrative service centers have a certain fee. Not all people have the opportunity to pay for this service. There are partners, in particular from the Danish Refugee Council, who are ready to take on this challenge, provide legal aid and financially support this service,” — Galyna Bordun said.

According to her, regional authorities want to put experts on various legal issues in the same room in such centers and schedule consultations from Monday to Friday in order to help people. In other offices, they are ready to put together psychologists. Starting next week, under two hundred such specialists will take part in training sessions held by the Ukrainian Catholic University together with the city crisis service.

“We formed this small group of 200 people. These are practical psychologists, social educators who are already working in communities today. Maybe on a certain level they lack knowledge on how to work in crisis conditions, so we’re inviting four groups of 50 people for a two-day training on how to work in crisis conditions,” — Galyna Bordun said.

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