April 4, 2024, 16:14

Kyiv charity obstacle race to aid Defence Intelligence of Ukraine and fund prosthetics for injured servicemen

A charity obstacle course race, Spartan KYIV, is set to take place on April 20, 2024, in Kyiv on Trukhaniv Island. The event aims to raise funds for the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine and provide prosthetics for a wounded military. 

This initiative was discussed during a session at the Media Center Ukraine – Ukrinform. 

According to Oleksii Vovk, a representative of Spartan Ukraine, these races have been ongoing since the onset of the invasion, with the current focus being on supporting Defence Intelligence efforts, including the acquisition of FPV drones, and aiding in the rehabilitation and prosthetics for injured soldiers.

“We initiated our race organization efforts back in 2020. Following the full-scale invasion, Spartan shifted its focus entirely to charitable endeavors. We’ve already successfully conducted two charity events. Previously, we directed our support towards Azov. Our most recent event took place in Kyiv at the National Museum of Architecture and Life in Pyrohiv. Following this event on October 7, we managed to raise over UAH 2.5 million, which we utilized to procure equipment for an entire company of UAVs and numerous FPV drones. Our current objective is to assist the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine, with a primary emphasis on acquiring FPV drones and aiding in the rehabilitation and prosthetics for wounded soldiers,” explained Oleksii Vovk.

A special segment of the upcoming charity event will feature a race tailored for athletes with musculoskeletal impairments and individuals following amputation. These resilient participants will showcase their strength, fortitude, and unwavering determination as they navigate through obstacles. Registration and participation are free for these individuals.

“It will be a designated race where they’ll compete and receive awards. We’ve done it before, and let me tell you, these individuals are truly unstoppable. They lead full lives, and their participation in our races is inspiring. This time, we’re expecting an even larger turnout,” stated the Spartan Ukraine representative. 

The race will include several group races to compete in, including one for professional athletes, another one for amateur sporting participants, and CHARITY RACE as a separate one, offering a lighthearted approach with flexible rules allowing participants to tackle obstacles multiple times.

Oleksii Vovk also mentioned that this time, participants will have the option to join the race online and complete the course from another city or country. 

Additionally, Vitalii Matviienko, representative of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine (HUR), emphasized the significance of such events.

“Undoubtedly, backing these charitable initiatives and diverse organizations is crucial for all sectors of the armed forces and the Defense Forces. It underscores the unity of Ukraine and its people, reinforcing our collective resolve to prevail. We extend our gratitude to Spartan for organizing this charitable event, knowing that all proceeds will directly bolster our defense efforts and contribute to victory in this war,” he emphasized.

For more information about Spartan Ukraine and the charity race, visit the following link.

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