May 28, 2024, 17:08

Kyiv Camerata soloists, led by a Canadian conductor, to premiere Oleksandr Shchetynskyi’s Requiem in Kyiv

On May 30th, the Kyiv Camerata Ensemble, alongside conductor Keri-Lynn Wilson, will reprise their acclaimed tour program, the same one that showcased at Carnegie Hall in New York. The lineup includes Zubytskyi’s violin concerto, Skoryk’s melody, Kozarenko’s original Concerto Rutheno, along with compositions by Stankovych, Silvestrov, Polyova, and Almasy’s piece honoring Mariupol, the City of Mary. Additionally, Kyiv will witness the premiere performance of Oleksandr Shchetynskyi’s Requiem on stage.

This performance was announced at a briefing held at the Media Center Ukraine – Ukrinform.

“We’re sticking to the same lineup from Carnegie Hall. What excites me most are the choir and our soloist Mariana Holovko,” remarked Keri-Lynn Wilson.

Notably, the premiere of Shchetynskyi’s “Requiem” holds particular significance for Kyiv.

“Given the current events in Kharkiv, this resonates deeply as Shchetynskyi hails from there. We’ll be performing the Requiem,” added Bogdana Pivnenko, director of the National Ensemble of Soloists “Kyiv Camerata”.Pivnenko also highlighted that despite tickets for the event being nearly sold out, organizers are making every effort to ensure everyone can attend the concert.

Recalling, on April 28th, the National Ensemble of Soloists “Kyiv Camerata” performed at Carnegie Hall in New York with Canadian conductor of Ukrainian descent Keri-Lynn Wilson. The ensemble showcased a program featuring premieres of works by Ukrainian composers such as Victoria Polyova, Oleksandr Shchetynskyi, Valentyn Silverstrov, Myroslav Skoryk, Zoltan Almasy, Oleksandr Kozarenko, and others. This tour was coordinated by the USA for Ukraine charity organization.

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