January 26, 2024, 14:15

“Kharkiv Tormented a Hundredfold by the Enemy”: a book of photographic evidence of Russia’s aggression was presented in Kyiv

“Kharkiv Tormented a Hundredfold by the Enemy. 2022-2023. Photographic Evidence by Vadym Belikov” written by namesake book author, born and raised in Kharkiv, known for his photographic works far beyond Ukraine. The frontline life realities of a city in Ukraine are documented in imageries imprinted on 400 book pages. 

This was discussed during the presentation of the publication at the Media Center Ukraine – Ukrinform.

“The city of Kharkiv has a special place and a special role to play in this war. A city situated very close to the border with Russia, a city that was one of the first to take the fight and successfully repelled the first attack of Russian invading forces, who wanted to conquer Ukraine in days, expected to march through the city’s central streets this very day. A city that now lives under almost daily constant shelling, but continues to thrive and to be Ukrainian,” said Taras Shevchenko, Deputy Minister of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine for European Integration. 

He emphasized that informing, collecting, and documenting war crimes and bringing criminal charges against Russia is one of the main tasks the Ministry, both in terms of information policy and information security, has centered on. 

Maksym Udovychenko, Head of the Center for the Protection of the Information Space of Ukraine State Enterprise, noted that this publication is direct photographic evidence of Russian aggression against Ukraine. In particular, this book merges the photographs made by Vadym Belikov that were used by one of the world’s largest news agencies, Associated Press to illustrate its factual reporting and those that were presented to the public in Krakow.

“The emergence of such a book is critical for the sake of our descendants, in particular for them to understand what we went through and who we fought against,” he added.

It is worth noting that under the “Books for Strengthening National Unity” program, 1000 copies of the book “Kharkiv Tormented a Hundredfold by the Enemy. 2022-2023. Photographic evidence by Vadym Belikov” were printed. They are distributed to embassies throughout the world, military hospitals, charitable foundations, public organizations, etc.

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