October 6, 2022, 12:16

International Criminal Court over russia must penalize not only leaders, but also committers of crimes in Ukraine — Fedir Venislavskyi

Fedir Venislavskyi, Representative of the President of Ukraine to Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, made this statement at Media Center Ukraine — Ukrinform.

“Verkhovna Rada appeals to international organizations to consolidate efforts to establish a Special International Criminal Court like Nuremberg Trials — ad hoc and make provision for bringing to justice not only russia’s military and political leadership, but the committers too,” he said.

According to Fedir Venislavskyi, despite performances with “referenda” and “recognition” of the territory as russia’s part, Ukrainian territory remains integral and privileged within its recognized borders. Ukraine will take military, diplomatic and other measures to liberate its territory from invaders. The russian government’s actions and decisions have no consequences for Ukraine.

“These days, Verkhovna Rada will adopt its resolution, in which we will appeal to foreign parliaments and governments demanding to recognize actions of the russian federation on annexation of a part of Ukraine null and void, to increase sanctions pressure for these gross violations of international law,” Representative of the President of Ukraine added.

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