December 6, 2023, 13:22

In the winter, the Ukrainian command will move to deterring the enemy. Situation at the front is difficult, but we have successes in the Black Sea – expert

The situation on the frontlines of the Russian-Ukrainian war remains very difficult: Russian invaders keep trying to seize new territories of Ukraine, and it is especially difficult for Ukrainian defenders near Avdiivka and Bakhmut.

This was stated by military expert Mykhailo Zhyrokhov during a briefing at the Ukraine-Odesa Media Center.

“Russian occupants threw a lot of equipment and personnel near Avdiivka. Near Bakhmut, the Russians have partial success. Now they have put all their reserves into action. Their goal is to reach the administrative borders of the Donetsk region. The Russian occupiers want to do it much faster. They can advance only near Avdiivka, but there is a strong defense there. The Russians are fighting with contract soldiers, stormtroopers recruited from prisoners. It is no longer Prigozhin, it is Assault Z. The third component is mobilized from the occupied territories: from Luhansk and Donetsk regions,” the expert said.

The plans of Ukrainian defenders for the winter campaign remain unknown. Zhyrokhov believes that Russian forces are still strong and have a lot of weapons. Therefore, Ukraine needs to turn its attention to its own weapons and the production of shells.

“I think our command will switch to deterring the enemy in the winter. We do not yet have the forces and equipment to make a breakthrough in local areas. This must be recognized and voiced.  We do not have enough armored vehicles, fpv drones, shells, and people need to be protected,” the expert emphasized.

Meanwhile, Mykhailo Zhyrokhov emphasized that Ukraine has had some successes: for example, yesterday a Russian plane was shot down over the Black Sea and there are constant attacks by Russian invaders’ maritime drones in the temporarily occupied Crimea.

“We can congratulate ourselves on the Patriot air defense system already in Odesa region. The loss of the Su-24M is also painful for the Russians. They need to know that Ukrainians are defending their sea, ships, and those who bring us food. Due to the events on the border with Poland, the sea corridor from the ports of Greater Odesa is very important. It is wrong to say that the counteroffensive is unsuccessful. Plans that are written and practiced face a lot of unforeseen circumstances. That’s why our command, when faced with the first major losses, immediately stopped operations. The plan for 2024, I am sure, takes into account these mistakes and is designed in such a way that we can change the situation next year. Although, I repeat, we need to produce more of our own weapons, the warehouses of our Western partners have been significantly emptied,” Zhyrokhov summarized.

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