Photo by Media Center Ukraine – Odesa:Anna Lesnykova, spokesperson of the All-Ukrainian mental health program “Ty yak?” (How are you?) in Odesa region; Yulia Zhukova, head of the social services division of the department of social and family policy of the Odesa regional military administration; Olena Solntseva, head of the Odesa regional center for practical psychology and social work
September 7, 2023, 16:45

In Odesa region, more than 35 thousand specialists are ready to provide mental health recovery services under the “Ty yak?” (How are you?) program

Olena Solntseva, head of the Odesa Regional Center for Practical Psychology and Social Work, told this at a briefing at the  Media Center Ukraine – Odesa. 

According to Anna Lesnikova, spokesperson of the All-Ukrainian Mental Health Program, every 5th Ukrainian is at risk of developing psychological disorders.

“In the conditions of war mental health has become as important as physical health. Representatives of the Ministry of Health and the World Health Organization conducted a study. According to this data, every 5th Ukrainian is at risk of developing certain mental disorders. The consequences of the war will be felt by 15 million Ukrainians,” the expert noted.

According to Anna Lesnikova, these 15 million are divided into four groups. These are the elderly, internally displaced persons, children and adolescents, and the military.

This is why the “Ty yak?” (How are you?) mental health program was launched.

“I want all Ukrainians to visit the website, “Ty yak?” (How are you?) There is a self-help “first aid kit” there. There are tools and techniques for recovery. If you refer to this “first aid kit” every day, you will be able to restore and stabilize your mental health. Experts estimate that 80% of Ukrainians will be able to cope with their psychological state on their own. Only 20% will need help,” – the expert noted.

She added that the goal of the program is to provide comprehensive coverage of the population so that mental health recovery services are provided everywhere – in educational institutions, hospitals, and administrative service centers. Family doctors can also provide psychological counseling services. Specialists from 38 primary health care facilities in Odesa region have been trained in this area, noted Lesnikova.

According to Olena Solntseva, head of the Odesa regional center for practical psychology and social work, more than 30,000 teachers and 5,000 psychologists and social workers have already taken courses on mental health and psychosocial support. 

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