June 15, 2022, 12:28

In May, Lviv Customs transfers UAH 2.15 billion to the budget — acting Head of Lviv Customs

Business and the economy in Ukraine are adapting to the new realities of the war, reforming logistics chains and significantly increasing the number of operations across the western border, Daniil Menshykov, Acting Head of Lviv Customs Office said at a briefing at Media Center Ukraine. 

In particular, in May alone, Lviv customs transferred UAH 2.15 billion to the budget of Ukraine. According to Menshykov, this is a record amount, especially given the cancellation of import duties, VAT and excise duties on almost all imported goods.

In addition, the number of fuel trucks crossing the western border has increased by 400 times in recent months. In particular, at the beginning of March, 2 to 20 fuel trucks passed through Lviv Customs per ten days. However, in the first ten days of June, 527 fuel trucks already crossed the border. 

There is also a positive trend in exports of goods. In the first ten days of March, only around 200 to 300 declarations for export were processed at the Lviv customs, whereas in the first ten days of June alone, a total of 1,500 export declarations were processed. 

“This shows that the business has already adjusted its processes, is already reaching full capacity and has adapted to the realities of martial law,” — Daniil Menshykov said.

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