July 19, 2022, 13:33

“In Kherson Oblast, russians Search and Intimidate Locals,” Kherson Oblast Military Administration

Ukraine’s Armed Forces are actively striking both ammunition depots and personnel of the invaders. Lazurne, Nova Kakhovka, Beryslav, and Chornobayivka are just an incomplete list of the invaders’ sites that have been hit. Despite that, the occupiers kept pursuing the policy of terror in the occupied territories.

Dmytro Butriy, Acting Head of Kherson Oblast Military Administration, stated this at Media Center Ukraine — Ukrinform.

“The humanitarian situation is still critical. No “green corridors” are available; there is a significant shortage of food and medicines. russians keep pursuing the policy of abuse against locals. In Kherson, they stop men in the streets, require them to undress, and search them. They enter garage boxes and other private property of the people,” he emphasized.

Dmytro Butriy indicated that educators, who are forced to operate under russian rules, are most affected by the actions of the invaders. Of course, there are traitors, but most teachers refuse to cooperate.

“We know that 63 officers of local governments are held captive by the invaders. Also, russians kidnap active citizens and take them away in an unknown direction,” he said.

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