September 1, 2023, 19:25

In 2023 Crimea occupation authorities allocate over RUB 82.5 million for the so-called military and patriotic education – Yevhen Bondarenko

In 2023, the expenses already spent on the so-called military-patriotic education in the temporarily occupied Crimea has amounted to RUB 82.699 million.

Yevhen Bondarenko, Head of the Information Support Department of the Mission of the President of Ukraine in the AR of Crimea made this statement during a briefing at Media Center Ukraine – Ukrinform.

“This is the money allocated by the occupation administrations from the inside, and it is only for now. That is, this amount will be larger by the end of the year,” he said.

Yevhen Bondarenko noted that the russian federation started to glorify the occupying forces at the very beginning of the occupation of the peninsula, and does it in a number of ways.

“For example, topical lessons, desks with their (russian soldiers’ – Ed.) names, signs on school walls, and this work is really systematic,” he explained.

According to Yevhen Bondarenko, there are reports that in a number of schools, in particular school No. 60 in Sevastopol, every school week began with a morning lineup, where children were dressed in military uniforms and told about certain aspects of the militarization of life in the occupation.

At the same time, Yevhen Bondarenko noted that work is already underway on the priority steps for Ukraine to implement within the framework of reintegration processes and measures.

In particular, there is already a final version of the strategic document on the cognitive de-occupation of Crimea, which provides a vector of movement and an understanding of the challenges necessary for the formation of priorities and the work ahead.

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