February 13, 2023, 14:57

“In 2021, before the all-out war, Ukraine collected 86 million tonnes of grain, for 2023, realistic forecast is about 34 tonnes,” Ukrainian Agrarian Business Club

The forecast for this year’s harvest is 50 million tonnes of grain less than the results in the period before the all-out war in 2021. Roman Slaston, Director General of the Ukrainian Agrarian Business Club Association made this statement at a briefing at Media Center Ukraine — Ukrinform

“In 2021, before the full-scale invasion, we had a harvest of 86 million tonnes of grain. This year, our realistic forecast is about 34 tonnes of grain. The difference is almost 50 million, or even more. This is a huge volume in terms of global food supply. Obviously, such volumes will definitely have a serious impact on the price of grain. Prices remain high, and the realization that Ukraine cannot supply the significant amount of crops and grain it has supplied in the past will continue to keep prices up. It will be extremely difficult to compensate for 50 million tonnes of grain,” — Slaston said.

The expert pointed out that he was specifically talking about grain crops: 34 tonnes including wheat, corn, barley, as well as other grain crops and legumes.

“In addition to this, we can add 19.3 million tonnes of oil crops to the total stock plus. In total, that’s 53 million tonnes of grain and oil crops. In terms of area, oil crops will take up about 30%, if we take a look at pre-2022, but will add less to the total volume,” — Slaston added.

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