December 12, 2023, 17:45

Illegal cases of serving summonses are being investigated, and the military commissariat has been removed from the TCC – new military commissar of Odesa region

The new management of the Odesa Territorial Center for Recruitment and Social Support will investigate every illegal case and circumstances of detention of citizens.

Odesa Regional Logistics Center, Colonel Oleksandr Okhrymenko, said this during a briefing at the Ukraine-Odesa Media Center.

“Regarding the scandals that exist in social networks: measures are being taken, we are investigating each case. We analyze every high-profile situation. Detention in military commissariats after serving a call, as well as what to do with a man who is being pushed into a minibus by the TCC staff – we are now keeping everything under control, conducting an internal inspection,” said Colonel.

In addition, he noted that military medical commissions are now being removed from the premises of the TCC and should work separately. In addition, after the MLC, one can undergo a re-commission with other doctors to confirm their health status. 

“Our main task now is to replenish the army, rotate those who have been at war for a long time and ensure zero corruption. The fact that the MCCs are being withdrawn from the TCC means that our centers have no actual or legal influence on the Medical Commission. These are separate structures,” emphasized Oleksandr Okhrymenko.

The new military commander noted that the enemy continues its information campaign to discredit mobilization in Ukraine in order to stir up protest moods in Ukrainian society and start winning.

“We must take into account the fact that the Russian occupiers are conducting very powerful information and psychological actions and spreading a lot of false information on social networks to prevent Ukraine from mobilizing and stop the fighting to protect and liberate Ukrainian territories. Therefore, one should always check the information and trust official sources,” summarized the Odesa regional military commissar.

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