July 4, 2022, 15:31

“Foreign Journalists Want More Access to the Front Line and Consider Themselves Knowledgeable about Events in Ukraine,” Survey by Media Center Ukraine

Almost all foreign journalists would like more access to the front line and consider the Ministry of Defense and the Armed Forces to be quite secretive. These are the results of a survey of representatives of foreign media undertaken by Media Center Ukraine. The survey was carried out by sending a questionnaire to e-mail addresses in the database and meeting respondents face-to-face in late June this year.
Over 60% of foreign journalists are certain that the improved access to the front line would help them offer better arguments in their materials, for instance, to support supplies of heavy weapons to Ukraine. Journalists also take an interest in topics such as women at war, access to military bases and hospitals, and coverage of the situation in the Chornobyl Zone.
Journalists consider members of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, city mayors, and Ukrainian diplomats to be the most open,
Almost all representatives of foreign media gave their knowledge of events in Ukraine a score of 4 to 5 on a scale from one to five (over 90% of respondents).
However, journalists named various information resources among their sources of information, ranging from Telegram channels to news agencies (mentioning Ukrinform and their joint project with Media Center Ukraine most often). Journalists also ranked Kyiv Independent, an English-language publication, among the popular sources of information; it is indicative of the genuine demand of media representatives from different countries for the linguistic adaptation of key information reports.

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