Photo by Media Center Ukraine – Odesa: Oleksandr Kovalenko, military and political columnist of the "Information Resistance" group
September 26, 2023, 17:37

Expert: Patriot or SAMP/T in southern Ukraine could prevent hunger riots in Africa

The security of Odesa region means the security of grain terminals and hubs. If they are not protected, there will be problems with grain supplies, particularly to Africa. This opinion was expressed at a briefing at the Ukraine-Odesa Media Center by Oleksandr Kovalenko, military and political observer of the Information Resistance group.

“Russia continues the tactics of missile and grain terror. Kamikaze drones and missiles are used to strike grain hubs and terminals, as well as the infrastructure of the Black Sea and Danube ports. The last strike on Odesa was a combined one, using kamikaze drones, Kalibr missiles and P-800 Onyx missiles. “We cannot shoot down Onyx in Odesa region. They can only be intercepted by Patriot or SAMP/T systems.  It would be great if foreign partners provided such a system to protect Odesa. The SAMP/T system has shown the highest result in intercepting targets similar to the P-800 missile – speeds of more than 3000 km/h at an altitude of 5 meters above the water surface,” Kovalenko said.

Until Odesa region receives such systems, the Russians can break through the southern air defense, the expert emphasized. It is impossible to transfer the systems from Kyiv, where they are operating, and new units from foreign partners are needed.

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