November 30, 2023, 15:32

European institutions should intervene more closely to help solve border blockade crisis – Yulia Klymenko

Negotiations are being held at the diplomatic level with Slovakia and Poland, and the issue of protesters’ blocking the borders is being resolved at the executive level. However, the European institutions, for their part, should also intervene in the process, but not through bureaucratic procedures, they need to use more effective tools instead.

Yulia Klymenko, Member of Parliament, First Deputy Head of Verkhovna Rada’s Transport & Infrastructure Committee, made this statement during a briefing at Media Center Ukraine – Ukrinform.

“Let me remind you that we signed an agreement on the liberalization of freight traffic not with Poland, not with Slovakia, but with the European Union. Strictly speaking, this agreement is being violated by individual countries and is actually being blocked. Therefore, the European Commission should exert more influence on the implementation of such agreements, if they have already been signed. This agreement is signed, it is in effect until the summer of 2024, and it is actually being blocked by individual countries. This is unacceptable, because any agreements that we will sign with European institutions can continue to be blocked just as well. Then what is their scope and how to protect such agreements, if some truckers in any country — 10 carrier companies or 60 truckers — can disrupt and block European agreements?” said Yulia Klymenko.

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