March 6, 2024, 16:22

Enemy attempts to conceal casualty figures on sunken ship Sergey Kotov

The enemy is trying to conceal information about the number of casualties among the crew of the destroyed russian ship Sergey Kotov. Thus, relatives of military personnel who were on the ship are prohibited from spreading information about them, particularly, on social networks.

“Such information is carefully hidden by the enemy. We know from our sources that some of the crew members were taken by ambulances to the appropriate medical facilities. There is currently no verified information on the number of dead or wounded military personnel of the aggressor country, because even relatives are prohibited from spreading this information in the social media. Considering that it was a dark time of day and that the water is now very cold, hypothermia sets in literally within minutes. And given the nature of the fire damage that was inflicted on this ship, there is a high probability that a large part of the crew died,” he said.

As reported, the reports came out on the morning of March 5 claiming that the Ukrainian military sank the russian ship Sergey Kotov with naval drones.

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