December 21, 2023, 15:57

“Dialogues on the War” – part four of educational video project for Ukrainian youth presented in Kyiv

The fourth video of “Dialogues on the War,” a comprehensive and systemic educational project, is dedicated to russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

This, in particular, was discussed during a briefing at Media Center Ukraine – Ukrinform.

As Oleksandr Makobrii, Head of the Information Security Department of the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine, noted, “the goal of the project is to form the youth’s understanding of what war is, who the enemy is, what our future is, and to provide national patriotic upbringing for young people.”

“And what is very important in this project, in addition to the visual effects, is that a person who personally took part in repelling the enemy – I am talking about Volodymyr Zhemchugov in particular – can share (their experience – Ed.) and be a direct authority in this issue. The Ministry of Culture and Information Policy has supported, supports and will support this project and similar projects,” he emphasized.

In his turn, Maksym Udovychenko, Head of the Center for the Protection of the Information Space of Ukraine State Enterprise, expressed hope that the project will continue to develop next year. According to him, this year’s experience of presenting the project in educational institutions showed that its information is relevant and useful for young people.

“Based on this year’s experience, the number of presentations we had at educational institutions in different regions of Ukraine shows that children are very responsive – emotionally, and they have a very high demand for this information. Many schoolchildren approached Volodymyr Pavlovych (Zhemchugov – Ed.) after the lecture with additional questions. Therefore, I have a very high hope that in the near future, together with the Ministry of Education, we will introduce this project into the school curriculum, so that all children in our country could have such an opportunity to access this information, because it is very important and useful,” he added.

At the same time, Hero of Ukraine Volodymyr Zhemchugov, who manages this project, noted that, in addition to materials for students, in the future such lessons can also serve as teaching materials for instructors. He also shared further plans for distributing the project.

“The Ministry of Culture and Information Policy introduced media literacy programs into the standard of the all-Ukrainian online lesson. And since the Ministry has already had such a positive experience, we want to make use of it, and next year, when we are done with teaching materials, we want to use this experience and implement this project online as well as, together with the Ministry of Education. To make all-Ukrainian lessons,” he explained.

In addition, Hanna Baikenich, Project Coordinator, Head of the Methodological Work Sector at the Ukrainian Institute of National Remembrance, said that the video from the fourth part of the project is already available on the YouTube channel of the Ukrainian Institute of National Remembrance. At the same time, she emphasized that since this project is comprehensive, systematic and educational, in the future they will cooperate with the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine in order to fully distribute these videos among educational institutions.

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