May 10, 2024, 15:50

Developers unveil platform to assist Ukrainian military in conducting cyber operations

Ukraine has created CyOps Platform, a software that allows the Ukrainian military to obtain data from russian gadgets with the help of information from open sources.

This technology was discussed during a presentation at Media Center Ukraine – Ukrinform.

Bohdan Solomykin, analyst at the Analytical Center for Information Resources, noted that the CyOps Platform supports cyber operations, classic OSINT methods and in-depth research into various types of targets, such as individuals, companies, systems, etc. The platform is also capable of analyzing large volumes of data. The technology gathers all this information in one place and helps to quickly analyze it.

According to Bohdan Solomykin, CyOps Platform works with various communication platforms, social networks, messengers and operating systems. The platform also aids with conducting in-depth research. This tool allows users to complete an analysis within a short period of time – hours, sometimes even minutes.

“We set a certain objective and the system itself begins to sort through various sources of information to look for connections, non-obvious ways to obtain information. The platform also takes over the technical component. That is, a specialist who uses it does not need very deep knowledge – the platform does everything itself,” he added.

The platform also aids with reconnaissance. According to Bohdan Solomykin, the system operates by gathering information through multiple methods, enabling accurate pinpointing of clusters of certain segments of people or groups, their behavior and movements. The platform draws conclusions from this, filters through individual people and individual segments. All acquired multifaceted information is fed into an analytics system, where it is aggregated, and connections are subsequently established based on this data.

“The platform hints at the direction, or where to continue conducting reconnaissance. It identifies certain patterns, analyzes behavior and thereby makes a kind of analytical report out of a large amount of data – findings, recommendations, and guidance on how to work with them,” he explained.

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